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Later this year watch for "Purpose" by Mark J. Allen.  Purpose was the first book Mark Allen wrote, many, many years ago.  Now it is being revised, edited, and put together with Purpose 2 in one big book!  Stay tuned for more details and a release date!

"A Killer's Memoir 2 - New Contracts"

A Killer's Memoir 2 - New Contracts is out and has been gaining momentum in sales.  During it's free period it cracked the top 10 in the USA in Action/Adventure.  Stay tuned for more information, promotions, and sneak peaks at new books.

"A Killer's Memoir" - released

Mark Allen's debut book "A Killer's Memoir" was released on Saturday, May 24th on a free promotional period.  During this time the rugged fast paced story of Wolf, the contract killer, climbed the charts.  The following are peak points, all under "Free E-Book Best Seller Ranks" list.


#100 in the U.K. in the category of all Free E-Books.

#5 in the U.K. in the category Action/Adventure.

#6 in the U.K. in the category Mystery/Thriller.

#11 in the USA in the category Action/Adventure.


Mark thanks everybody who has made the purchase and if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet make sure you search for "A Killer's Memoir" on Amazon!


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